one Saturday riding in CALDIROLA DH/FR park, Italy

Last time I went there was in 2000 at the fist Caldirola DH grand prix race...Time passed and the track changed a lot, and more than this, now there is not only one trail, but 4 (actually 3 and a half)!!!
Me and my friends from the 100%DH Trichechi team were planning since their last time in Greece (DH+Megadownhill) to go and ride together in Italy, so.... Caldirola here we come!!! With me also Alberto Abrassi fast rider from the No work Time team Genova riding an impressive GT Fury!
Caldirola is in Piemonte, not far from my hometown Genova, so around 9am we were ready and waiting for the Trichechi and my Kona...yes exactly a Kona eheh...the Trichechi team rides on Kona so...they were willing to borrow me one for the day, THANK YOU a lot from my Trek Top Fuel ihih she was safe at home this time!
...ok let's stop the bla bla bla and ROLL the VIDEOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

...YES I WAS MISSING MY TREK SESSION THE ALL DAY LONG, but the Stub after a couple of set up changing was working fine and I HAD A HELL OF A LOOOT OF FUN riding on mud and low grip surfaces ! Plus is always a pleasure riding with good friends, no posers, no "psonia", no bullshit, just riding and laughing !!!

As you can see Zaffa ( Simone Zaffaroni ) made a special front mount for the GoPro and the result is astonishing !!! WELL DONE ZAFFA ! ( soon more details about it... just to carbon wooow hihiih )

bye bye everybody, but before a special editing made for Alberto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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