Winter riding....snow in Athens

Snow in Thens is so rare that..... I had to go and ride!!!! Unfortunately my GoPro was pointing to low.... but is a nice souvenir from this day colored in white!

Session 88 2011 raced, tested and LOVED

Hi guys! The new Session 88 arrived a week ago and we took it to race they day after we finished building it !!!
I'm very happy with my race result ( 6th Elite ), considering also one year of not racing activity.

... but not happy about the race course, was just not a real DH and was very short, but ok, I'm not here to talk about Elassona DH cup , but about the NEW RIDE !

First of all the size, this bike is a Large and this year Trek offers S, M, L and...XL this is really good because finally all the riders can have the perfect frame size, last year Medium was a bit to small for me (182cm tall) and the Large a bit to big...

We built this Session88 Large frame with the same components I had last year on the 2010
model, so you can see last year review to refresh your memory and see some details....simply, the BEST stuff around! Sram X0, Fox 40 fork, Elixir mag cr brakes, Bontrager Big Earl Wheels, etc... all works amazingly!

So let's focus on the FRAME and the rear shock:
The frame it looks stronger and stiffer and...IT IS! At high speed, rocky sections, drops and jumps you feel it much more stable compare to the 2010, making this bike one of the most stable I've ever ridden even keeping the famous Session agility, lightness and pedaling attitude.
It turns like a BMX , it speeds like a Motocross and pedal like an all mountain bike ! I was very impressed and not only me, also a spectator came to me to say: "man, your bike is just so much smoother and stable of the others !!!"
the read shock has been tuned by Trek technology department with a different boost valve an
d the result is CRAZY! the bike doesn't bounce and the rear wheel is always in traction. This shock works even if is passing over a microscopic ant hihih !!! And thanks to the Full Floater System the travel feels like infinite !
I'm very happy with the frame protector also, finally no "ding ding" stone noise and damage risks on the down tube.....
Last thing that impressed me is the fact that the bike is completely NOISELESS even rolling over the most rocky sections, it's so silent that you feel you are going to slow and you find yourself pushing and pedaling.....

I'm scared to say...Trek did it again! they've made a perfect bike, probably the best I've ever ridden, now......I have no excuses !!!

Session 88 and 8 2011 first arriving

I'm back to Greece and this is the surprise that was waiting for me...the first of the Session 88 2011 is arrived and is so nice, stronger and better ( if possible ) that the last year model !

Now the Team replica frames are on the way... SOON THE FIRST TEST RIDE !
.... now enjoy Brandon having fun with it watching this amazing video...

The baby of the DH family, the SESSION 8 is ready to fly over Greeks rocks as well , have a look of the first photos!

It's looking amazing is his new matte black/red color!

Travis Pastrana Documentary

no matter what kind of wheels you are riding! Travis is a Hero for everybody !

Trek World Racing adds Aaron Gwin to Downhill Line Up for 2011

Addition of Aaron Gwin Highlights a Stacked Roster

23 Degrees Sports Management is thrilled to announce the addition of Aaron Gwin (USA) to the Trek World Racing 2011 downhill roster.

Currently the UCI World #3, Gwin will race a Team-issued Trek Session 88 throughout the 2011 World Cup calendar alongside his Trek World Racing teammates. A relative newcomer to the sport, Gwin has experienced a meteoric rise in his young career and is widely known as one of America's brightest downhill stars. "I'm really excited to be joining Trek World Racing. I've looked up to Trek bicycles since I was a kid watching Lance Armstrong win the Tours so to be a part of that same American brand and adding to that racing heritage is pretty cool. The support this team provides is second to none and I believe I'll have all the tools I'll need to achieve my goals." Aaron said.

Returning for 2011 will be World Champion Tracy Moseley (GBR), World Silver Medalist Neko Mulally (USA), and World Top 10 rider Justin Leov (NZL). All three riders have had their best career years while riding aboard Trek, and are looking forward to welcoming Aaron to the team. Tracy said, "It's great to be returning to Trek World Racing for a 3rd year and this time in the World Champion's jersey! I'm looking forward to an exciting year and hope to be able to help Trek World Racing become the number one team in 2011."

The title sponsor is as excited about the 2011 roster as the team is. When asked about the brand's involvement with the team, Trek Vice President Joe Vadeboncoeur remarked "Trek is more dedicated than ever to racing and to the Trek World Racing Team. Its value to our product development and brand is immeasurable but beyond that, we really, really just like to race. Our roster is filled with young talent that is going to provide a lot of energy mixed with mature riders that will continue to produce results. Our intention is to be at the top level of racing at all disciplines." On the continued success of the team, Team Owner, Martin Whiteley said, "After the first 2 years of the program, and all we've learned both on and off the bikes, it's clear we’re ready to take the momentum from the two medals won in Mont-Sainte-Anne and spend more time on World Cup podiums in 2011. It would be great to end next season with the yellow plates aboard our bikes, and be crowned the number one team in downhill racing. With this line up, it's certainly a real possibility."

Justin Leov said today: "I know this program as well as I know the bike, inside out now, and working with amazingly focused people is what I'm all about. I look forward to having a solid crew of staff and riders to work alongside these next two years and a lot of fun times and great rides along the way. I just want to get on with it for 2011 and prove I can put down great race runs in the World Cups and at World Champs." Neko Mulally said: "I'm really looking forward to racing next year. To have such top notch support and a great group of people around me allows me to be the best I can be. I have taken in a lot this past year with Trek World Racing and with a better understanding of racing at the professional level I can't wait to put down some solid performances in 2011."

(source Pinkbike)

one Saturday riding in CALDIROLA DH/FR park, Italy

Last time I went there was in 2000 at the fist Caldirola DH grand prix race...Time passed and the track changed a lot, and more than this, now there is not only one trail, but 4 (actually 3 and a half)!!!
Me and my friends from the 100%DH Trichechi team were planning since their last time in Greece (DH+Megadownhill) to go and ride together in Italy, so.... Caldirola here we come!!! With me also Alberto Abrassi fast rider from the No work Time team Genova riding an impressive GT Fury!
Caldirola is in Piemonte, not far from my hometown Genova, so around 9am we were ready and waiting for the Trichechi and my Kona...yes exactly a Kona eheh...the Trichechi team rides on Kona so...they were willing to borrow me one for the day, THANK YOU a lot from my Trek Top Fuel ihih she was safe at home this time!
...ok let's stop the bla bla bla and ROLL the VIDEOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

...YES I WAS MISSING MY TREK SESSION THE ALL DAY LONG, but the Stub after a couple of set up changing was working fine and I HAD A HELL OF A LOOOT OF FUN riding on mud and low grip surfaces ! Plus is always a pleasure riding with good friends, no posers, no "psonia", no bullshit, just riding and laughing !!!

As you can see Zaffa ( Simone Zaffaroni ) made a special front mount for the GoPro and the result is astonishing !!! WELL DONE ZAFFA ! ( soon more details about it... just to carbon wooow hihiih )

bye bye everybody, but before a special editing made for Alberto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Afternoon in Finale Ligure ( MTB Freeride Park )

I may not be Gee Atherton, but I had a lot of fun in Finale Ligure last Thursday riding a GT Fury 2010 on flat pedals and 5ten shoes ( first time for me), thank you Elicaride for the shuttle service and NoWorkTime for the bike (GT Fury) !

ps: Igor, was nice riding after you !

Trek World Racing Pursuit last episode

SuperEnduro PRO5 Finale photos point of view

An amazing event, fantastic experience, very good riders and a lot of fun.. here some photos...

MDE, made in Italy !!

Transition TR

CG always in a good shape!

CG brigade new DIRTY San Marco product!!

Kids (and not only ) pump track !!

The new Kona Detonator FR

Only the BRAVES........!!!!

Inscribe myself to the race... I was still not sure about it, I was the ONLY one racing with a Cross Country bike .... :)

My Top Fuel Enduro version ( just a wider bar, Dh spd pedals and....

...Home made chain tensioner .....

this is the only photo of me founded online...never go again to a race without friends ;)

SuperEnduro 1st video: Fabien Barel, Karim Amour and Florian Golay

... have a look of their speed!! Italian Pro riders were fast too, soon more videos...

was just amazing be taking part in the same race !

Super Enduro news...I'm ALIVE!!!!!

More than 40 km of uphill in total, downhill Special stages with a cross country bike (the only XC bike racing), late to the last Ss because I've got lost ( was so long the pedaling Uphill that I thought I was on the wrong way), 212 place on 350 starting is priceless,for all the rest...exists Mastercard ! Superenduro never again, but was an amazing training and a nice event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon some photos(I hope to have them) and a small GoPro video!!!!

I will race in SUPERENDURO PRO, Finale Ligure-Italy (23/24 Oct.'10)

Since I'm back home for a period I decided to take part in this race, maybe my Top Fuel (100mm travel bike) is not proper for this kind of event, but i really hope it will believe to be a Remedy wile going downhill the mountain of Liguria. Here you have the link of the event, a lot of International famous rider will be at the start so... why be a spectator when I can be a protagonist !
Here the video of last year(unfortunately in Italian )...

stay tuned , If I will survive I will post a nice report of "my race"...
...Vouilloz watch you back ahahahahah :P

Enduro MTB in Athens

just a simple bike-cam recorded last monday, enjoy the ride and the sound of nature...

REDBULL RAMPAGE hightlights and results

1. Cameron Zink (USA) 89.2
2. Gee Atherton (GBR) 82.4
3. Darren Berrecloth (CAN) 81.2
4. Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) 79.0
5. Geoff Gulevich (CAN) 77.2
6. Thomas Vanderham (CAN) 76.6
7. Robbie Bourdon (CAN) 76.0
8. Kyle Strait (USA) 75.6
9. Logan Binggeli (USA) 74.8
10. Kurt Sorge (CAN) 73.0

Votsalaki Mykonos mtb camp 2010

A group of riders, met in Mykonos the second week-end of September '10 for discovering the island from the freeride point of view.
Base: Votsalaki bungalows resort @ Paradise beach.
Playgroung: The island of sins
Riders: 3ride bros, K.os, Alessio , 2DKsports team, Bolda

do you want more photos? don't worry, soon a video will be release...

Biking on island Mykonos. TRAILER from Tomasz Krzysztofik on Vimeo.