Why I ride.... Specialized

 It is since long time that I wanted to write this post, but there was never a chance. I think the Monday before my first race of the '15 season is a good moment to do it.

 Since I came in Greece I had friends and enemies, my personalty is not simple to understand and most of the time people either like me or hate me.

 So obviously in a small country with an even smaller mtb community, especially in the gravity disciplines, every time there is a news people is talking and commenting.

 Since 2014 I decide to race enduro and teach and Momentum academy  with a Specilized Enduro 29, even tho.... I am famous for not being a "big S " fan and I like smaller companies better.
 So people started commenting.....

 Leaving out the comments about my racing results witch I don't really care, I am not getting sponsored because I win or I am a super fast crazy kamikaze rider... but because of a MILLIONS of other marketing reasons too complicated for those people anyway...

I would like to explain WHY I RIDE SPACIALIZED.

Well... I don't ride for Specialized, I don't care what is the brand of the bike, don't get me wrong, is a great bike but, I RIDE FOR KASSIMATIS CYCLING this is what is important for me.

 The fists shop I entered in Greece was Kassimatis Cycling in 2009 when I wanted to fix my 15 years old Marzocchi fork and since that day I always loved the attitude of Mr. Nikos Kassimatis and the guys in Pireos.
 A part from the fact that they fixed my fork, not always easy in Greece, Nikos talked to me in Italian, making me feel at home and he shared with me some "old mtb times " memories.
 Once I had the chance to collaborate more with the shop after many years for the magazine I am working CycleRide I had the chance to confirm my feeling about the people that works at Kassimatis Cycling: professional but friendly, expert but funny, you can feel the passion of the family behind this 70 YEARS OLD BUSINESS in every each employee.
  Since that day people has change inside the shop, some friends left other friends arrived to work between those red walls, but every time I feel welcome there. Even if I am not Greek, I talk to much and I always use their toilet : )

So.... if you are one of those guy, who has nothing else to do that check on my facebook wall to see what I am doing wrong and what I am saying wrong... well sometime you will see that I write bad about Specialized, but there is no way I can write something bad about Kassimatis Cycling.

Now.... back to lift some iron because I am 35 years old and I want to finish the race all in one piece!!!

See you on the Mountain.... I am the guy with the BIG WHEELS ! and please don't ask me why I don't ride a 27.5 inch bike.... please ! :)