SuperEnduro 1st video: Fabien Barel, Karim Amour and Florian Golay

... have a look of their speed!! Italian Pro riders were fast too, soon more videos...

was just amazing be taking part in the same race !

Super Enduro news...I'm ALIVE!!!!!

More than 40 km of uphill in total, downhill Special stages with a cross country bike (the only XC bike racing), late to the last Ss because I've got lost ( was so long the pedaling Uphill that I thought I was on the wrong way), 212 place on 350 starting is priceless,for all the rest...exists Mastercard ! Superenduro never again, but was an amazing training and a nice event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon some photos(I hope to have them) and a small GoPro video!!!!

I will race in SUPERENDURO PRO, Finale Ligure-Italy (23/24 Oct.'10)

Since I'm back home for a period I decided to take part in this race, maybe my Top Fuel (100mm travel bike) is not proper for this kind of event, but i really hope it will believe to be a Remedy wile going downhill the mountain of Liguria. Here you have the link of the event, a lot of International famous rider will be at the start so... why be a spectator when I can be a protagonist !
Here the video of last year(unfortunately in Italian )...

stay tuned , If I will survive I will post a nice report of "my race"...
...Vouilloz watch you back ahahahahah :P

Enduro MTB in Athens

just a simple bike-cam recorded last monday, enjoy the ride and the sound of nature...

REDBULL RAMPAGE hightlights and results

1. Cameron Zink (USA) 89.2
2. Gee Atherton (GBR) 82.4
3. Darren Berrecloth (CAN) 81.2
4. Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) 79.0
5. Geoff Gulevich (CAN) 77.2
6. Thomas Vanderham (CAN) 76.6
7. Robbie Bourdon (CAN) 76.0
8. Kyle Strait (USA) 75.6
9. Logan Binggeli (USA) 74.8
10. Kurt Sorge (CAN) 73.0