Winter riding....snow in Athens

Snow in Thens is so rare that..... I had to go and ride!!!! Unfortunately my GoPro was pointing to low.... but is a nice souvenir from this day colored in white!

Session 88 2011 raced, tested and LOVED

Hi guys! The new Session 88 arrived a week ago and we took it to race they day after we finished building it !!!
I'm very happy with my race result ( 6th Elite ), considering also one year of not racing activity.

... but not happy about the race course, was just not a real DH and was very short, but ok, I'm not here to talk about Elassona DH cup , but about the NEW RIDE !

First of all the size, this bike is a Large and this year Trek offers S, M, L and...XL this is really good because finally all the riders can have the perfect frame size, last year Medium was a bit to small for me (182cm tall) and the Large a bit to big...

We built this Session88 Large frame with the same components I had last year on the 2010
model, so you can see last year review to refresh your memory and see some details....simply, the BEST stuff around! Sram X0, Fox 40 fork, Elixir mag cr brakes, Bontrager Big Earl Wheels, etc... all works amazingly!

So let's focus on the FRAME and the rear shock:
The frame it looks stronger and stiffer and...IT IS! At high speed, rocky sections, drops and jumps you feel it much more stable compare to the 2010, making this bike one of the most stable I've ever ridden even keeping the famous Session agility, lightness and pedaling attitude.
It turns like a BMX , it speeds like a Motocross and pedal like an all mountain bike ! I was very impressed and not only me, also a spectator came to me to say: "man, your bike is just so much smoother and stable of the others !!!"
the read shock has been tuned by Trek technology department with a different boost valve an
d the result is CRAZY! the bike doesn't bounce and the rear wheel is always in traction. This shock works even if is passing over a microscopic ant hihih !!! And thanks to the Full Floater System the travel feels like infinite !
I'm very happy with the frame protector also, finally no "ding ding" stone noise and damage risks on the down tube.....
Last thing that impressed me is the fact that the bike is completely NOISELESS even rolling over the most rocky sections, it's so silent that you feel you are going to slow and you find yourself pushing and pedaling.....

I'm scared to say...Trek did it again! they've made a perfect bike, probably the best I've ever ridden, now......I have no excuses !!!