First race of the year: Parnitha gravity cup - 25 apr 2012

I decided to race with the Meta because was a trail with a lot of pedalling and mostly on flat a part from the first 500m where there was a wall drop.

The bike was awesome, reactive and fast, good in the drop, in the jumps and amazing in the turns.

I had a very good seeding run with the 6th position behind some of the best Greek racers. I knew from my practice timed runs that I had more ti give and one of the top three position was the target for the final. 
Too bad I pushed too much and I had a big crash on an high speed turn ending face in the dust, at list I fully tested the IXS protections VERY GOOD :).

Well like somebody told me...this is racing.
Next time it will be better. 

The Meta proved to be a bike for doing all and I loved it , bit I can't race to have a race "big enough" for the Supreme V3 DH.

Special thanks to the organizers, the race was very well organized and everything on schedule, even with more than 150 riders, a big number for a Greek race, WELL DONE!

Thank you to Arteliz Photographer for the good job and we wait for you at more events!


2 Petalia Dromos ! finally on AIR this Sunday

I will be at the first race of the year! but for all of you( in Greece) ! ER3 at 3pm Sunday24th! is easy to remember!

South Africa Downhill World Cup 2012 practice

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Crazy crash from Brook MacDonalds , is just fine and Sunday is going to race!