Were we come: Commencal !!!

Big news are coming for 2012!

Has being 2 year of amazing collaboration with Trek/Cyclist.gr, we traveled around Greece and not only, organized meeting and rides. We infected a bit of more people with the DH+ virus, but nothing is for ever and every good thing has to come to an end. THANK YOU Cyclist.gr !

From 2012 I will be riding and racing on Commencal bikes :V3 for Downhill and Meta AM for Enduro ( all equiped with Formula brakes and Maxxis tires).
I had the chance to test them and I have being very impressed from the geometry of the bikes and from how easy they are. You can ride them fast with a big smile on your face since the first time!

The program for 2012 is going to be really full:

- 3 Superenduro races in Italy
- 3 IXS downhill cup around Europe ( Austria, Italy and France)
- and of course all the Greek downhill and Enduro races.

The MomentuM mtb academy it will be an other important aspect for the twenty12 with a full program of 20 lessons and a trip out of Greece ( stay tuned here for news)

I'm really excited to start this new adventure and I can't wait to post some nice photos of the new rides and some nice GoPro videos!
see you soon!!!


@dirfys mountain for "2petaliadromos" tv show

thanks to all the guys of 2 Petalia Dromo we had two amazing days! Even if it was very hot and I got sic by the heat it was worth !!!