DownMall 2011 this Saturday! LIVE

The third happening of DownMall “devastation” of chosen shopping centre by crazy group of bikers is quickly approaching. It became a tradition that this unconventional and in the world unique race right inside the shopping centre, full of madly shopping customers, moves its happening from year to year. After the shopping centre Delta and Plaza in Liberec there is not just the change of shopping centre but the town too! DownMall 2011 is heading to Palác Flora in Prague this year!

Palác Flora offers again very attractive and challenging mall of 4 floors just perfect for the race. If you remember, the last race in Plaza shopping centre took the start at the local discotheque club. This year the start will be in the vestibule of the Palace cinema on the highest floor of the shopping centre. The race will then continue by the passage round the inside gallery on each floor of the shopping centre. The very popular escalators and the finish drop won’t be of course missing. For the audience there is prepared 5 cameras shooting the whole race that will be aired through LCD screens placed throughout the whole shopping centre.

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