What looks to be NEW on the 2011 Downhill and Freeride Trek models?

Let's see what's NEW for the SESSION 88 ! ;)

have you found the differences ??

yes..a lot of small things makes it a different frame .:cool: -> :afro:

the down diagonal tube is actually ovalized wile in the '10 was squared, the tube near the seat post is straight, rounded and longer. This two things are giving more rigidity and is more aerodynamic too , the upper diagonal it starts with the shape of the '10 but it ands under the sear post..guess what? rounded ! the all welding is different. I'm not and engineer :confused: and i haven't try the bike, but I'm sure it feels more rigid and strong.

important new details for the 2011 ! frame carbon protector and knobs to stop the fork ( new 2011 Fox 40 Fit2) hitting the superlight Alpha red Alloy!

no more homemade carbo skids...

it will be available , only as a frame the Trek World Racing Team replica

For the Session 8 looks like it will be used the same frame of 2010 with new colors! Amazing looking bike!

The Scratch for 2011 is double!! eeh ?? yes! I mean there will be the Scratch Air (DH+ cyclist.gr blog) and the Scratch (coil) with the amazing Fox 36 Van Fit RC2, 180mm of travel the hottest fork out there :diablo:

this is the 9 model!

..and the 8 !

Finally for all the kids out there this year Trek decided to produce the amazing Ticket Dirt Jump/street as a complete bike
signature edition!

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